Take The Steps You Need To Heal

This website was inspired by the valuable advice often shared on CPTSD, chronic illness and PMDD forums to bring together a centralised library of the best of this content for easy viewing.

What Is A Vent Book?

Find out more about this recent Tiktok trend and learn how this form of self-expression can help you surface frustrations and expose old memories from holding you back.

Magic Mind Alternatives

See our list of healthy yet affordable alternatives to the highly popular Magic Mind drinks. As these drinks aren't currently available in all countries we wanted to look at additional options suited for those in the UK & Aus.

What To Eat During The Luteal Phase

For those suffering from PMDD and severe PMS, the luteal phase can be fraught with cravings, poor energy and may even completely destroy any process you have made on your weight loss made in the past two weeks. In this guide we'll be looking at the mindful steps you can take to stay in control.

How I Cured My PCOS Acne

As someone who has suffered from acne for most of their life, it can be hard to find a minimal and affordable way to stay in control and try to get clear skin. In this post, we will be discussing how retinol may help eliminate acne caused by PCOS as well as the top suppliers of retinol in the UK.